Orange is the color of her salon success.

For most people, orange is just another color. But for young entrepreneur Joby Linsangan, 30, Orange represents a vibrant ticket to success in the salon business. Before 2003, Linsangan had absolutely no idea that she would end up owning one of the fastest growing chain of salons in Nueva Ecija. With a degree of Medical Technology from one of the country’s top universities tucked under her belt, Linsangan was torn between practicing her degree in the United States or going straight to medical school. But in late 2003, fate took a sharp turn. She suddenly had the idea of launching a new business concept in the salon industry. Being a beauty title-holder and ramp model in her student days, the choice was not at all difficult. All my life, I had been exposed to the beauty industry “ make-ups, hairstyles, fashion – you name it“, Linsangan recalls, smiling. She realized that all the salons in their province offered services that were either too pricy, or too cheap. Why not offer a middle ground?“, Linsangan asked herself.

And Orange Blush Salon does just that. True to her ideas and inspiration, she opened the very first branch of Orange Blush Salon on October 2003, armed with an initial capital of P30,000. As a starter, the salon is easily distinguishable by its very colorful and well-lit interiors. Like my favorite color orange, I want Orange salon to exude vibrance and dynamism through our interiors“, Linsangan candidly opines. She shares that an inviting interior easily attracts customers and immediately makes them feel comfortable. And the prices are just as attractive. “I make sure that the prices are customer-friendly, the services are innovative, and the staff is well-trained,” Linsangan recounts. The basic hair cut and blow dry is pegged at only P130, hot oil (all hair types and length) at P200, footspa at P350 and manicure plus pedicure at P240. As a bonus, these services go “on sale” “bagsak presyo“ every Wednesday at big discounts. Moreover, customers get a free hair care program and hair check-up for hair-relaxing and hair “straightening services. With this reasonable price range, Orange easily creates its own niche in the student market, as well as the budget-but-style-conscious consumer classes.

Unsurprisingly, Orange is an instant favorite among the clients. The salon’s reputation steadily grew in just a span of three years. Orange Blush Salon now boasts of five (6) branches, all located in strategic places (beside the market, beside the hospital, beside schools, even inside the mall!) in her province. In fact, a university study even cited Orange as one of the top four beauty salons in Nueva Ecija, along with salon giants Bench Fix, Jun Encarnacion and Reyes Haircutters!

And despite the success of Orange, Linsangan doesn’t just stop there. In mid-2007, she had the business developed into franchising by the country’s top Franchising firm, FranCorp. In mid-2008, Orange Blush Salon was formally launched as a Frachising Beauty Salon.

In her quest to present a new but palatable business idea, Linsangan makes sure that all the ingredients for success are always present: strategic location, reasonable price, excellent services, friendly and competent staff, attractive interiors, aggressive advertising. My business philosophy is simple: make your customer feel special, but always at an affordable price. Everything has to be sulit“, Linsangan shares.


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